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report: Sahar Adnan – Jubail gate

imaging: Ali Sweden

recently concluded exhibition “Drawing, creativity and talent” and the establishment of a center of Down syndrome and continued for ten days with the full participation of all age groups from the age of 5 years to 29 years who hugged Center talent, has

and told Ms. immortality Aldbekl, director of the Center for the gate of Al-Jubail, that assesses the exhibition center for the first time and aims to deliver the message to all segments of society, led by families that creations and productions their sons and daughters do not stand in front of wounded sons syndrome. She Aldbekl that the center is ready to provide all the supplies and needs them, stressing that the first support always comes from the family for their children with special needs so as not to reduce the abilities and talent development in them and motivate them, and considered that the Assembly is supporting larger for those with special needs, through cooperation and work as a team

one of the paintings presented in the exhibition

its part reported artist and mentor technical material at the center, Ms. Khadija Iraqis, that his children arrived came after Training Center Long law Bmsaadhalostazh Lulwa Al-Hajri, one of the Autism Center parameters, these efforts will bear fruit through mastering children to draw. The Iraqis had been trained sons of the center after it has been placed in groups formed by the domain that creates child as groups coloring, cutting, and drawing.

side of the business that offered at the center